Yagimaito Processing (In-House Development)

Yagimaito processing adds a thickness of about 1μm on the outermost surface of the anodized aluminum film, to ensure maximum corrosion resistance
Patent Number: 3803353

Alkaline corrosion resistance of Yagimaito is about 5 times more than before!
Alkali resistance test by electromotive force

SampleCoating Thickness (μm)Measured Values (sec)
12 3Average
Our Conventional Product 128.5404420422415
Our Conventional Product 228.6404389405399
Yagimaito 123.82135210020222086
Yagimaito 223.82063212121502111

Rating: Aluminium Products Association Testing and Research Center

Yagimaito is a superior sealed anodic oxidation coating with no mass reduction!
Tested by chromic acid solution immersion test

SamplePre Test Specimen Mass (g)Post Test Specimen Mass (g)Mass Loss (mg)Test Specimen Area (dm2)Mass Decrease per Unit Area (mg/dm2)
Our Conventional Product 139.027739.009018.71.09617.1
Our Conventional Product 239.278339.256721.61.09619.7
Yagimaito 138.211538.2117-0.21.088        -0.2   ※ 1
Yagimaito 239.177539.17750.01.0960.0

Rating: Aluminium Products Association Testing and Research Center

※1: Measurement errors vary with changes in humidity

Compared to conventional products the etching depth of Yagimaito at an acceleration voltage of 1.5KV is reduced to 10.6%, declining even further to 12.0% at 2.0KV, and in the case of 2.5KV it was reduced by 21.2%. Therefore, Yagimaito is more plasma resistant than conventional products.

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